Document X

The intention behind this book began many years ago as a result of an internal struggle. I could not reconcile my scientific mind with the traditional beliefs imposed upon me, particularly those events implying a violation of the laws of nature. How could this be when it was obvious that the universe is governed by a strict order? What struck me as most ironic was that evolution (the gradual development of life forms) and confidence in the cosmic order which atheists subscribe to, were not respected by the religious masters, despite being supported by overwhelming scientific evidence. Consumed by this contradiction, I made two assumptions: God would never have created the universe without convincing evidence of His existence; and A God that created an orderly universe would never violate that order. If the Divine Being occasionally reversed the natural order, presumably to test or strengthen the faith of believers, then such a being was distrustful and not worthy of worship.

Next, I asked myself: How could one prove or disprove these assumptions? I believed that scripture could provide the answers, particularly the Quran. Muslims believe that the Quran is still in its original form, exactly as it was communicated to Mohammed 1400 years ago, presumably by God. Moreover Muslims pride themselves on the numerous ultra-modern scientific proofs contained in the Quran. My mission was therefore to study the original Arabic Quran, focussing on its scientific verses and examining it from a modern, scientific perspective. If an error was detected or a verse was shown to be outdated, the Quran would lose its divine status.

Putting aside any prejudice and with the help of an Arabic linguist, I set about my task, and commenced an in-depth study of the scientific verses of the Quran. I was catapulted into an extra-ordinary journey of discovery, from the explosive birth of the universe, through the various stages of cosmic evolution to the Big Crunch. Verse after verse, the Quran revealed the secrets of the universe, disclosing stunning new information never recorded in works of a similar nature. “In precise scientific language, the ancient Book expresses its superior knowledge of creation: The violent temperatures in the beginning, cosmic expansion, the nature of space-time, Einstein’s concept of gravity, the lifecycle of stars, quantum features of the forces of nature and the origin and evolution of life. The Quran further contains reference to atoms, cells and DNA, the rejection of the soul hypothesis, embryology and extraterrestrial existence…”

In summary, I have discovered that the Quran addresses key concepts and fundamental principles which underlie the structure and function of the universe. The inevitable, crucial question thus follows: how could an illiterate desert-dweller like Mohammed, trapped in the 7th century stamp his authority on the wall of every scientific discipline and made these incredible predictions with 100 % accuracy? Such ideas were not in the vocabulary of that age; in fact many of them have only been uncovered in the last few decades. The probability of a single historical figure venturing into the then unknown intricacies of modern cosmology, evolution, genetics and chemistry, extracting its key principles and accurately describe them, was a flat zero. On the other hand, the probability of making absurd predictions was utterly overwhelming. Even if all the wise men of today congregated, pooling their knowledge, they would not be able to produce the likeness of the Quran. Their imperfect knowledge of the universe would be exposed within the twinkling of an eye. Weighing up the evidence, there remains only one explanation consistent with the facts: Mohammed, the supposed author of the Quran, was advised by a superior intelligence. Through studying the ancient scripture, my initial assumptions (if God exists there must be convincing evidence of his existence; and God would never violate his own laws), were validated.

This is the foundation of Document X; exploring the limitless scientific vision of the Quran which led to the inescapable conclusion – God is the author of the Quran and therefore must exist.


Against the background of many conflicting views concerning the Big Questions of existence, I re-examine an ancient text, which I have dubbed “Document X’. This study uncovers new evidence and stunning information about the origin and development of the Universe and life. Through an incredible journey from the birth of the cosmos to its very end, Document X seeks to prove God’s existence by answering questions such as ‘how was the Universe was created?’, ‘how did life originate?’, ‘is evolution true?’ and ‘how will the Universe end?’. In clear cut scientific language, the document expresses its superior knowledge of the universe, revealing its deep secrets and thereby demonstrating that the answers to these issues are not the outcome of human imagination, but rather based on divine knowledge and proof of the existence of God. Yes, this is an extraordinary claim, but one cannot argue against the rather extraordinary evidence.

The Difference

1. There are three basic worldviews concerning the Big Questions of Existence: Atheists, reject God, believing scientists, believe in God and modern science, while creationists accept miracles and that God created everything in six days. Despite their insightful and provocative account of reality, key issues remain unresolved. It is this inconclusiveness that continues to fuel the debate over science and religion.
In my book, Document X, I tackle these fundamental issues. This book suggests that perhaps for the first time there is a definitive solution to this debate, derived from irrefutable new evidence and powerful arguments. One example will demonstrate the pioneering nature of Document X. Atheists believe in evolution, so do mainstream scientists. Religion however, requires the existence of a soul which is incompatible with evolution. Document X, an ancient historical paper, which I argue is the signature of God, preaches evolution and as expected, rejects the soul hypothesis on the basis of evidence and gives an alternative scientific explanation for the human dimension. This is but one of many revolutionary ideas in Document X, which successfully incorporates religion into science, creating a harmonious system that scholars could previously only dream of.

2. Document X, defending all revealed religions According to the Quran all nations received divine guidance and for each period there is a book revealed. The Quran does not claim to preach a new religion, but in fact represents the culmination of divine guidance to mankind. The same fundamental truths revealed to the prophet Mohamed in the form of the Quran were also given to the previous prophets. These amazing scientific truths predicted in the Quran should therefore be traceable to the original documents of early revealed religions.

Do you believe

Scripture could provide the answers?